7.5.1 (32-bit)

Editor for plain-text documents


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Textpad is a multiformat text processor that's very easy to use. It allows you to open, create, and modify plain text documents.

This tool doesn't beat around the bush or boast fancy features that you'll have to learn how to use, meaning you won't waste any time on anything that's not your work. Textpad is basically a substitute for Windows Notepad: a simple editor for text or website code.

One of Textpad's features includes a multitasking option for text documents: you can open several files at once and edit them by copying, pasting, aligning, or adding columns, among other available editing options.

Textpad is compatible with large files and also includes a spell check that works in four different languages – in this version – thanks to its multilingual interface. Additionally, you'll be able to copy HTML code and insert it into the program with the 'Paste HTML' command, all while using up less space and memory on your computer.
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